Over the past fifty years many layouts have come and gone. We currently have 5 layouts on the go. Exhibition Mangers:- please contact us at to book any of the layouts, some of the members layouts are also available. More pictures and layouts will follow in due course.

1. Dougdale – This was originally a OO gauge GWR branch line with a working quarry, windmill and level crossing. It has now been modified and renamed Dougdale after our late,former treasurer Doug Hill and moved to the LMS! Size approx 16ft x 2ft 6 ins, It has been to several exhibitions.

GWR 14xx and Autotrain.

Some photographs of Dougdale at the recent Tinkers Park exhibition August 2020.

Keith and George operating Dougdale.
Keith and Dave at Tinkers Park with Dougdale.
LMS 2P 635 double heads an S&D 7F. Dougdale at Tinkers Park.

2. Colmans Hatch – This is another  OO gauge layout based on Eridge it is a mainline with fiddle yards at either end. Under construction

 3. The ‘Scottish layout’ based around a distillery and modeled in OO9. Various exhibitions attended.

4.  Highcome – A new OO gauge layout that is son of errrr Highcombe! This is to replace our main clubroom based layout. 

5. Swanage. Originally built by our late member Mike Stollery a large chunk of this layout has now been re-modelled to make it transportable and exhibitable.

Club Members Layouts

Kensington Olympia in N gauge circa 1980. By Andy Gibbs

Kensington Olympia modelled during the end of its period as the Motorail terminal and hub for London and the start of Intercity services between Manchester and Brighton. DCC controlled. Lots of urban scenery and plenty of trains. Lockdown has meant several years progress in 2020/1 with wiring now completed, some signaling installed, plenty of buildings still to make though……. Under construction…….a full account of construction etc can be found on RMweb.

April 2020
May 2021
May 2021
May 2021
May 2021
February 2022
February 2022.

Skeims Hill O gauge LBSCR. By Peter Wisdom

An imaginary terminus in the area to the east of Haywards Heath, Skiems Hill being the old spelling of Scaynes Hill. The buildings are all LB&SCR prototypes, the station building Forest Row, the Goods shed Partridge Green, the overbridge Leamland at Horsted Keynes and the signal box is a standard Saxby & Farmer product. The locomotives are a  mixture of Kits and scratchbuilt as is the passenger  and freight stock. The railway provides a passenger service and goods traffic. It serves a brickyard delivering coal, sand and ash and carrying away bricks. The railway is operated to a sequence and has been to several exhibitions.

Whitechapel O gauge LBSCR. By Peter Wisdom

Bowness EM gauge BR/ LM region. By Bob Beattie.

Bowness is a 4mm scale, EM gauge model, which depicts the terminus of the inevitable ‘fictitious’ branch, in this case off the West Coast Main Line between Preston and Lancaster in Lancashire. My railway leaves the WCML at Garstang & Catterall station (which in fact closed in 1968) and extends across the N. Fylde to the make-believe town of Bowness which is at the mouth of the River Lune to the south of Morecombe. To reflect my particular interests the model is set quite specifically in the period between the start of the summer timetable in 1955 and the autumn of 1957 before diesel traction really took over and freight traffic evaporated. The layout is 13ft x 2ft and utilises plywood for baseboard construction with hand-made track using ply sleepers and rivets with cosmetic plastic chairs. Control is conventional DC with points (and eventually signals) worked manually from a lever frame. Scenery is in its infancy but I have managed to complete an over bridge, goods shed and platform (all scratch-built) and an LNWR signal box based on a London Road Models kit. Locomotives of the period are either modified proprietary models or kit built whilst coaches are primarily from kits. As it is one of my main interests, there are too many wagons available for the layout and they are also mainly from kits or scratch-built. Apart from some fixed rakes, all stock is fitted with Sprat & Winkle couplings.

Lakeside HO scale Southern Pacific. By Dave Clements

Based high up in the Sierra Nevada, California it’s the summer of 1959. The Southern Pacific still bring trains of holidaymakers up from Fresno to Lakeside. The branch line has only been owned by the SP since 1933 and they have re-equipped it after the war with second-hand stock to keep costs low, much of which still awaits a repaint. The Big Creek Lumber Co has trackage rights over the branch line so expect to see some of the strange looking Shay type steam locomotives. The track plan at Lakeside bears a passing resemblance to El Portel on the Yosemite Valley RR. Track is PECO Code 70 with stock a mixture of kit built and ready to run. The depot is based on an American Model Builders kit and has a scratchbuilt detailed interior. The layout is not complete, but completion is a never-ending quest so please be patient and see what has happened by its next public outing.

Mid Cornwall Lines OO scale Western Region. By John Nuthall

Being built down under by ‘Country ‘ member John this a garage sized system layout. Details of construction can also be found on RMweb

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